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Sparrow And Starling V-Trap And Plans

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get rid of them the easy way!


This is a very effective trap. The picture shows a catch of about 35 birds. Notice the houses inside the trap used for shelter, a few birds are left inside to serve as decoys. Birds enter the top entrance and cannot find their way out. For this reason THE TRAP NEVER NEEDS TO BE RESET. If a more desirable bird is trapped, IT CAN BE RELEASED UNHARMED.

Here are testimonies given by a few customers who have enjoyed great success.

Melvin Beachy from Liberty, Kentucky: "I built the trap and trapped 1700 starlings in one winter. I'm well pleased."

Iddo C. Yoder from Allenville, Pennsylvania: "I put garbage in it the first afternoon and went to a farm sale. When I came home I saw it was just black. I couldn't believe it! I was impressed! I trapped 35 starlings while I was away."

Three neighboring friends in the Apple Creek, Ohio area trapped over 2,900 sparrows in one summer in three traps. So far in the last ten years, in the winters I've trapped a total of 10,094 starlings, and in the summers I've trapped a total of 4,856 sparrows. My record number of starlings trapped in one year was a total of 2,735. May one-day record stands at 454 starlings.

The V-trap is made up in panels to break down the size so it ships easily. It can be set up in about 10 minutes! Approximate size 5' X 5' X 8' when set up.

You are sure to catch dozens of unwanted predators
(order the download plans below to build your own)

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V-Trap Plans downloaded to your computer

Build your own and catch the rascals all day long!

The downloadable pages are setup to print nicely and they are easy to read. Downloading the plans takes only minutes and there is no waiting for the mail to arrive, just think, you can start building your trap today!

Price: $12.00 each

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