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sparrow and starling traps and plans

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get rid of them the easy way!

S and S Controller

This is a very effective house trap that works 24 hours a day, whether you're around or not. Sparrows and Starlings are considered to be a real headache to landlords and are dangerous to your Martins. They will attack young martins, destroy eggs, take over nest compartments and can destroy an otherwise productive colony. They're non-native, legal to trap and eliminate.

I will tell you how it works, it's really neat. A sparrow or starling is attracted to the only hole that is a "real entrance" to the trap (the other holes are fake). It's the hole with the porch in front of it, a nice place for them to scope things out. When they like what they see they enter the hole and stand on a platform. The weight of the varmint causes the platform to slowly drop and cover the entry hole, while at the same time opening up a new exit hole where the platform stops. This exit hole looks like an opening to the outside world and the culprit decides it's a good way to escape, Wrong! The exit hole actually opens over a large PVC tube and the bird can't keep from dropping down the tube into a small wire cage that's easy to access from the ground. It's very slick and won't harm any birds. Out of the hundreds of sparrows and starlings I've nabbed, only twice have I had a native bird trapped. Both were martins and they were released unharmed.

The trap can be purchased complete or you can build it yourself from the plan booklet. (Instructions are included for building the post, which is very easy to make and set in the ground. The plastic pipe is not included but can easily be purchased from your local big box lumber yard or hardware store)

Trap and Martin houses are constructed in the spring when the weather permits me to open up the shop out in my garage. When the Martin season arrives things get hectic and everyone is excited to get their house up and ready. You will need to allow 4-6 weeks for your house to arrive and it may be sooner, depending on how many houses I have made in advance of what I think will sell. I am just one man trying to help you get started successfully, not a corporation with tons of employees so, you will have to prepare yourself, plan and figure out what your needs are in order for me to get you what you want. I cannot and do not have the time to do your planning or meet the deadline you may have set for yourself. I build the houses as fast as I can and I work full time for a living so you will have to understand that and we will both keep from going crazy.

Easy to use and very effective
(order the download plans below to build your own)

What you'll like about this trap...
--Fetch birds right out of the cage 4 foot off the ground without bringing down the house!.
--It automatically resets after capture.
--You can release native birds unharmed.
--Cage can be seen from a hundred yards away, check it from your house.
--No bait is needed.
--Made from Western Red Cedar, rot resistant.
--Protects your colony.

And one last thing about the S and S controller, the quality is super!

S and S Controller Plans

If your handy and want a great weekend project, build your own using the plans listed below. I constructed the two S and S controllers I have in my back yard from the plan booklet and am very pleased with the finished product, it works great and is so convenient. Hey, and guess what? The sparrows and starlings love them too! (hundreds of sparrows and starlings captured)

The download contains photos, cutting list, illustrations and easy to follow instructions. You'll have fun with this great project and be doing you're Martins a huge favor at the same time.

Catch bunches of those pesky Martin predators

Plans downloaded to your computer

The downloadable version is exactly like the old booklet (paper booklets are no longer available). The pages are setup to print nicely and they are easy to read. Downloading the plans takes only minutes and there is no waiting for the mail to arrive, just think, you can start building your trap today!

Price: $12.99

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